DEADLY Change of Direction

Getting to the point of attack is critical, but being able to decelerate and re-accelerate to the next point of attack makes an athlete exceptional.


Increase POWER

Be the most explosive athlete.  Sprint faster, jump higher, train harder and make gains that will destroy the competition!


Train with the ELITE

Athletes have been named to NCAA All-America teams, earned scholarships, and won numerous State Championships. PSS also serves special operators in multiple branches of the United States Military.


UNMATCHED Strength Gains

Strength is the foundation of all performance.  Shatter previous personal records, be stronger than ever before, and take the first step to being a whole new athlete!



Explosive athletes are the most dominant athletes.  Produce force, reduce force, gain and execute strength gains to become the alpha athlete.



Train in an environment where the methods and techniques are the cutting edge.  Acquire the ability to maximize the BEST first step and produce more force with each stride.

Hendricks County BUSINESS Edge: CARNIVORE Culture

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